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An ocean view makes you feel better!

Optimized-AdobeStock_79163659Ocean views at Ocean Lakes Family Campground will make you feel better!

You know it, you feel it, and now, science has proven it!  Ocean views will make you feel better!

According to a study published by Michigan State University, an ocean view has been linked to better mental health! The findings are the first to link mental health to the visibility of water, which researches refer to as ‘blue space’.” According to Amber Pearson, co-author of the study, an increase in views of ‘blue space’ is associated with lower levels of psychological distress.

It was also revealed that the study found there to be no significant benefit for people in close proximity to green areas.  Meaning all of the parks and recreation fields that we so often visit, will not spark the same mental health boost! Of course, all of us Ocean Lakes Family Campground fanatics already know the answer to this, but why is this scientifically so? It is said that the brain can process natural unobstructed backdrops better, and that ‘blue space’ reduces sensory stimuli and promotes mental relaxation. Well, as we all know, mental relaxation is a large part of why we all vacation at Ocean Lakes in the first place. With the exception of those moments when we are racing our children down the mat racer slides at the new water park! So, you know what we say? Pack your bags; we’re all headed to Ocean Lakes Family Campground! Our brains need lower levels of distress.